Who we are

Fight Racism Promoting Equalities

Haringey Race & Equality Council is a well established organisation that has been at the forefront of equality, diversity and inclusion work in Haringey for over 40 years. We have now expanded our services to offer a bespoke Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Consultancy and Training Service.

We are the only Independent Equality body in the Borough of Haringey. We have and continue to campaign and fight against all forms of inequalities and lobby for equality and work with all agencies for social justice and good community relations.

Our mission statement

Social Justice

Haringey Racial Equality Council's mission is to work with the local community, including individuals, the voluntary sector, public and private sector agencies, to encourage and support racial equality, diversity and understanding between people of different backgrounds and origins with the aim of eliminating discrimination and other race hate crimes, to promote a community that is just and fair.