Haringey Race and Equality Council will utilise existing and emerging networks to ensure the  participation from all sections of the community including those that are harder to reach, most vulnerable and disadvantaged in our communities. Our established links with strategic equalities agencies will be utilised to harness cost effective skills and expertise at our local events. As a multi-agency network we will provide a new opportunity using a co-ordinated partnership approach to ensure that we make a real difference to the way people and communities experience, benefit, interpret and apply equalities standards. We anticipate that the combined efforts of the service will also send a strong message to agencies when dealing with issues of discrimination and equality.

The Network will be:

  • Organising seminars and/ or focus groups, and inviting key speakers on key topics
  • Providing information and publicity circulars to the diverse communities of Haringey
  • Encouraging dialogue with the public and private sector to seek support and ensure their compliance with the Single Equality Act


Our vision is that Haringey is recognised as great places to live, work, and learn, as a direct consequence of its visible and consistent success in achieving equality. This means working with partners to Tackle and eliminate inequality and disadvantage where it exists;

Valuing the diversity of the borough’s population and the strengths that brings, whilst also engaging constructively with the challenges it presents; and

Consistent effort to ensure that communities who come here experience a welcome that encourages belonging and a willingness to participate in civil society.


The Network’s mission is to be a driving force towards progress in realising the vision. We work with partners from across all sectors to help foster a shared sense of ownership and commitment of our vision. We do this by helping them to gain greater insight into how their policies and practices help or hinder progress towards equality, and to create a partnership based on a willingness to continually learn from each other about what works best in delivering equality.