We are a membership organisation of individuals and organisations who live in the London Borough of Haringey or are employed locally or are members of local organisations who wish to further the aims of Haringey Racial Equality Council.

Management Structure

General Council: All the members of Haringey REC form the General Council. They are informed of all Haringey REC activities and delegate the responsibility of management to the Executive Committee

Executive Committee: Elected from General Council. Responsible for providing leadership, and determining the overall direction of Haringey REC. It is accountable to the General Council

Honorary Officers: Comprising of Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. Their role is to assist the Executive Committee in fulfilling its responsibilities.

Sub-Committees: All sub-committees have Executive Committee representation. They report to the Executive Committee making recommendations on all matters requiring policy decisions.

Membership Panel: To receive and consider applications for membership including renewals; to determine all applications and make recommendations to the Executive Committee for termination or recognition.

Staff Structure (Current)

Director: The Director will assist Haringey Racial Equality Council (HREC) to have a comprehensive view of race relations in the London Borough of Haringey and will formulate and develop proposals for submission to the Executive Committee and/or General Council on various issues, including legislative and quality mark compliance.

Equalities Officer : Responsible to the Director

Charity Number: 1118255
Company Limited by Guarantee: 5040115