To be able to fulfil our objectives our work is divided into the following core functions which are guided by the Equality & Human Rights Commission and the London Borough of Haringey:

Policy Development – by assisting, developing, monitoring and encouraging the implementation of policies, procedures and practices designed by the public, private and voluntary sectors, to eliminate racial harassment and discrimination

Public Education – by undertaking training modules, focussing on race relations legislation, codes of practice, racial equality standards and working towards providing training on how to combat racial harassment designed for managers and practitioners

Community Development and Community Cohesion – by working in partnership with local organisations and individuals within the public, independent, private and voluntary sectors thereby assisting minority ethnic groups to express their concerns, to meet their aspirations and be included in community affairs.

Complainant Aid Casework – by advising, supporting and representing victims of racial harassment, race hate, religious offences, violence and discrimination. Haringey Racial Equality Council endeavours to assist anyone who believes they may have been discriminated against due to their race, whether at work, higher education, and school, on the street or in their own homes.

Tackling social exclusion and encouraging community development. We work with local people, especially those living in communities that suffer isolation, disadvantage or discrimination. We help improve the quality of life of both individuals and groups by helping them to acquire the confidence and skills to participate in decision-making and to capture more resources for their local neighbourhoods.

Strategic Partnerships. We enter into partnerships with other service agencies, such as local government, health authorities and trusts, schools, colleges and the police, to improve the quality and sensitivity of delivery to the whole community.