We work in conjunction with the Equality & Human Rights Commission and the London Borough of Haringey to:

  • eliminate unlawful discrimination; promote equality of opportunity;
  • promote good relations between people of different groups, and;
  • promote effective working relationships other statutory agencies, and across the voluntary and community sector

Given the strategic importance of Haringey REC to local racial equality and diversity work it is vital that we continue to work in partnership with local stakeholders, Statutory, Independent, Voluntary and Private Sectors, which will ultimately benefit the whole community.

Haringey REC’s highly skilled team has a thorough knowledge and decades of experience in the workings and structures of local service providers. E.g. Local Authority, Care Trusts, the Police, Schools and Colleges and is involved at many levels in joint partnership work with these agencies. Haringey REC recognises its unique position in the borough and works side by side with several voluntary and community organisations to progress work with a robust and strategic focus in implementing the race equality agenda; this includes HAVCO (Haringey CVS), Age Concern, Bernie Grant Trust, Haringey Citizens Advice Bureaux, North London Partnership Consortium, Greek Cypriot Women’s Organisation, Haringey Consortium for Disabled People and Carers, Turkish Women’s Project, Refugee Organisations and BME Strategic Centres.

Haringey REC’s membership feed-back information has indicated a confidence in the work of the REC and our members (including strategic partners) feel that the REC is well placed within the community to deliver the race equality and diversity agenda. Colleagues in the statutory and private sector have expressed support and continued commitment to the REC’s work programme. The REC’s historical achievement in local initiatives, for example the inception of the L B Haringey’s Race Equality Joint Consultative Committee (REJCC), Help on Arrest Scheme which was commended by Lord Scarman in his report, Public Duty Support Group, Muslim Network & Safety Forum, Haringey Refugee Action Group, Satellite Consortium (which provides over 1000 culturally appropriate home care hours per week) and Stop and Search project highlights the continued need for our services.

Given that equality and diversity are cross-cutting themes of Haringey Strategic Partnerships Performance Management Frameworks, Haringey REC’s services and activities contribute to the vision and priorities of Haringey’s Community Strategy in both the strategic planning context and the project initiatives that the REC undertakes. There is enormous determination, on our part and from our strategic partners to ensure that Haringey REC maintains this excellent record of encouraging the local communities’ sustainable development, social and economic progress, and equal opportunities.